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What Can Businesses Learn From The Teamwork Of A Professional Kitchen?

Posted: 11 May 2017

Amid the blood, sweat and tears of a professional kitchen, creating a functioning team is essential. It is the cornerstone of any successful restaurant; more important, perhaps, than the merits of the menu, service and ambience put together. If the kitchen is not able to deliver, then everything else quickly Read more >

5 reasons why cooking is great for team building

Posted: 07 March 2017

You would think that cooking might be detrimental to team building as the temperature rises and yes there are knives involved. Also who hasn’t seen Gordon Ramsey in a kitchen and felt a little scared? But cooking is actually the ideal way to work together and you can learn a Read more >

Destination cooking – a food trend that is here to stay

Posted: 07 March 2017

Food trends come in and go out quicker than you can say ‘superfood’. One year kale is in and the next it’s insects, it’s so hard to keep up these days. However, there are certain trends which are here for the long haul, and ‘Destination cooking’ is one that we Read more >

Seafood Tips & Treats : Bouillabaisse Recipe

Posted: 14 February 2016

Bouillabaisse is the perfect Fish soup to warm you up during the cold winter months! Andrew, our head chef shares his favourite Bouillabisse Recipe. Click to find out our Top Seafood Tips & Treats.Our Fantastic Fish!, Ultimate Knife Confidence and Fine Dining DIY classes all teach you how prepare fish with Read more >

In-Jenius: How to Host a Stress-Free New Year’s Eve Party

Posted: 14 December 2015

Hosting a New Year’s Eve Party always seems like such a good idea, in October. When the date actually comes round, on the back of a month of solid drinking, eating and partying, it can feel like more trouble than its worth. There’s food and drink to sort out, entertainment Read more >

In-Jenius: What Makes The Christmas Perfect Mince Pie?

Posted: 09 November 2015

The latest instalment of our In-Jenius series tackles the all-important issue of how to make the perfect mince pie – it’s that time of the year again soon, folks!The question of what makes the perfect mince pie has been fiercely contested for centuries. In Medieval times, when mince pies were Read more >

In-Jenius: 10 Things All Master Bakers Know

Posted: 15 October 2015

The first in our In-Jenius series, blogs focussed on the art and science of cooking, brings you ten tips that will help win you the approval of those fearsome Bake Off judges (or just your friends and family). To brush up on your baking skills further, why not sign up Read more >

In-Jenius: Planning the Perfect Christmas Party

Posted: 15 October 2015

The lead-up to Christmas is a busy and intense period for most. There are presents to wrap, food and drink to buy and many engagements to attend and arrange. If you have been tasked with planning or hosting a festive party, for colleagues or family and friends, the season can Read more >

5 Emerging Food Destinations in Europe

Posted: 23 July 2015

We take influences from across the world when deciding upon new classes and themes for events at Jenius Social. As a result we have built up a good understanding of some of the world’s greatest gastronomic locations. Here are five in Europe to add to your culinary bucket list. 1. Read more >

The Do's and Don'ts of Cooking on Coals- BBQ This Summer

Posted: 18 June 2015

Here at Jenius Social, we regularly put on classes to help people improve their skills on the grills and have picked up some expert tips and tricks along the way. So here are a few pointers to ensure your barbecues don’t, well, go down in flames this summer.DON’T…Cook meat to Read more >

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