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Jennifer Yong


Jennifer Yong founded Jenius Social after leaving the world of finance and deciding to fuse together two of her favourite things: food and socialising. The idea came to her 6 years when she was on a cookery course – she loved the teamwork involved but savoured the socialising afterwards more. After prolonged research, Jen realised there was nowhere in London for people to come together and connect through food and that’s when the lightbulb moment occurred. As Kevin Costner knows: "If you build it, they will come," and so Jenius Social was born.

Born in Singapore but raised in Australia, Jen has called London home since 2005. Jenius Social is a far cry from her background of running digital ventures in the world of finance. What’s also come in handy is her burning passion for all aspects of gastronomy, from discovering local & unique produce in markets, supper clubs and restaurants to eating her way around the world. Jen has sampled the local flavours in over 50 different countries and still can’t quite believe her day job now involves eating.

Jenius Social plans to offer a wide range of food-related activities, from hands-on cookery courses and food & drink masterclasses to supper clubs, an on-site deli, private dining, corporate events and more. Jen’s ambition for the business is to make it available and affordable for all, a place to network, learn new skills and have fun too. Once up and running, she plans to drop her successful model into other major cities.