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Top 10 Reasons to Love Jenius Social

Posted: 10 March 2014

Jenius Social is nearly here and we hope you’re as excited as us! But just in case you need reminding why you should be so thrilled, here are the top ten reasons to stop by & check out Islington’s Jenius Social…

10 – Shop At Our Deli

Beautiful. Tasty. Delicious. And that’s just our staff. Jenius Social believes in quality produce and you can stop by daily to pick up delectable supplies from our delicatessen.

9 – Make Jenius Social Yours

Want to take control and make us yours for the night? Well now you can. Jenius Social is a unique venue to hire and we can cater for all types of social gatherings. Hen nights, birthdays, anniversaries, drinks receptions – you name it, we’ll make it special.

8 – Sharpen Your Knife Skills

Great food begins with first-class preparation & honed technique. If you want to gain ultimate knife confidence and master the art of dicing and slicing to pimp up your cooking, this is the place.

7 – Become A Whisky Expert

Whisky has floated to the top of the barrel in popularity, but do you know your Islay from your Speyside? Come on our whisky masterclass to sample a range of tipples, soak up a vat of whisky facts & meet new whisky friends!

6 – Channel Your Inner French

Don’t spend a fortune travelling back and forth on the Eurostar – come and ingest some French culture at Jenius Social. Learn to make perfect patisserie, classic coq au vin and most importantly, how to drink red wine while looking knowledgeable.

5 – Get Down At The Social

Sure, Jenius Social is about food & drink, but it’s also about meeting other people, connecting over shared passions and who knows where that might lead? Look out for our range of ‘meet & make’ nights, where you might get introduced to the person of your dreams over a speciality cocktail.

4  - Cook Like A Chef

Sign up for any of our cookery classes and we guarantee you’ll turn into a Jamie or Nigella overnight. Amaze your friends! Wow your family! Never have to clear up again because you’re now such a fantastic cook!

3 - Sample A Weekend Supper Club

Restaurants are so last year. 2014 may well be the Chinese year of the horse, but we predict it will also be the year of the supper club and we’re excited to be fuelling that boom. Sign up now for a taste of the future.

2 – Inspire Your Team

Jenius Social is the perfect place to bring your work colleagues for a spot of team-bonding. Nothing builds team spirit like food & drink, so come down for an evening of cheese & wine, cocktail-making, crafting burgers or creating chocolate.

1 – Set The Trend

We think Jenius Social is an original and ground-breaking concept so why not be one of the first to sample it? Then you can say “I was there” when the queue’s round the block in a few month’s time. Bragging rights will be yours.

Jenius Social opens its doors in May. Come down, step up, join the conversation…

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