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Celebrate The World Cup With Us

Posted: 15 June 2014

The World Cup kicked off this week and here at Jenius Social, we’re embracing the football fever with gusto! Who do we think’s going to win? That would be telling, but we’re hoping for a feast of football over the next few weeks – and to match, we’re serving up a football-related feast too! Come visit us to chat footy over a glass of wine and a tapas of an evening, or sign up for one of our many social and cookery courses, including Brazilian & Mexican street food, Sizzling Sausages, a craft beer tasting and more…

To really grasp the essence of the World Cup’s host nation Brazil, you need to do three things: get down with some samba rhythms, master a caipirinha and get to grips with the country’s cuisine. At Jenius Social, we can help you two of those, although if you want to samba while making a cocktail or cooking up a Brazilian fishcake, all power to you!

Our World Cup: Best Of Brazil class showcases Brazilian streetfood like Brazilian fishcakes, prawn skewers and empadinhas, perfect for chowing down while watching Brazilian wonders like Oscar, Alves and Neymar. And if you fancy mastering a caipirinha and a host of other cocktails, sign up to our Cocktail Dating class to sharpen up your mixology as well as your flirting skills.

If you’re having a World Cup barbecue, our Sizzling Sausages course serves up you all you need to know to make pitch-perfect bangers and leave your guests begging for more. And if you want to know the perfect beer to drink during World Cup month, come along to our Craft Beer Tasting where we match six US ales with their perfect food, showcasing the infinite variety of great beers available right now.

All this, plus if you’re a fan of France or Spain, why not learn their cuisine to match at our Flavours Of France and Mediterranean Magic classes? After all, football and food go hand in hand. May be the best team win, but of course, come on England! 

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