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Top Ten Summer Food Musts

Posted: 30 July 2014

Summer in the city means three things – holiday season, gorgeous food and amazing drinks! But as the temperatures rise to hairdryer hot, here are our top ten recommendations to reach summer food & drink heaven…

10 – Summer Pudding

A mixture of fruit and bread, this cooling, quintessentially British pudding is a sure-fire winner. It’s low calorie, packs a fruit punch and is best served with extra berries and cream.

9 – Fresh Fish

Fresh fish in the sunshine screams summer to us, but what should you be doing with your fish? If you’re using a BBQ, try wrapping them in foil and adding Asian flavours like ginger, chillies, garlic, coriander and soy sauce. Or go more South American with a Cajun rub, lime and salsa to pep up a white fish like Snapper, Bream or Sea Bass.

8 – Go BBQ

Running over the weekend of September 6-7th, Meatopia is a celebration of all things summer BBQ, so long as they involve meat as the name suggests. Soak up some late summer rays and line up to chow down on some serious meat cooked up by professional chefs. There’s live music and great drinks, too.

7 – Sizzling Sausages

If you’re going to throw a BBQ with sausages, go for the best quality you can get with high meat content. Supermarkets are rarely a good choice, but luckily there are now a rash of artisan sausage makers across the capital stepping in to fill the gap. Or how about making your own on our Sizzling Sausages course? 

6 – Sunshine Sweetcorn

Summer perks up sweetcorn no end, making it the ideal side dish for most summer suppers. Smear it with herb butter, roast it with succulent chicken or chop it into a salad or hash. Lip-smackingly good.

5 – Eat Ice Cream

It’s not just mainland Europe that has the upper hand when it comes to ice cream anymore – the UK has woken up to gourmet gelato. Current in-vogue flavours are Salted Caramel, Pistachio and of course Vanilla, which still accounts for 60% of all ice cream sales nationwide. Turns out we’re creatures of habit after all.

4 – Go Cocktail Crazy

If it’s summer, it means shovelling ice into glasses and mixing delicious-tasting cocktails to impress your loved ones. Rum is popular right now, so how about mixing it with ginger ale and fresh lime for a Dark ‘N’ Stormy? Or you might like to try a Cucumber Martini, mixing either vodka or gin with vermouth, mint, cucumber and sugar syrup for a refreshing tipple.

3 – Sumptuous Salads

Salads can be star main dishes or noble sides and are quick and easy to whip up. Current summer favourites include a simple tomato salad with basil, balsamic and salt. We also love a smoked mackerel salad with avocado, spinach, lemon, asparagus and parmesan. Simple but effective.

2 - Crisp White Wines

Summer favourites in London Town right now include fresh white Muscats as well as Pinot Grigio and a crisp New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Chardonnay is also making a comeback, with producers moving away from the old oaky style, which means new wines are tasting far fresher.

1 – Al Fresco Dining

London is full of top spots for al fresco dining, overlooking the water or slap-bang in the city. Shad Thames offers up a host of options as does the City, with food-laden courtyards dotted about just waiting to be discovered. But if you want a more personal offering, pack a picnic and hotfoot it to one of London’s many splendid parks to soak up the sun, rustic style…

Jenius Social offers a slew of courses to engage your summer food brain, including Cocktail Dating, Sizzling Sausages, a Wine Masterclass and Fantastic Fish! Find out more here.

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