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It’s Bake A Cake Season!

Posted: 28 January 2015

Winter is a time for hibernation, taking stock, making stock and baking cakes. Cakes are fundamental to happiness - you can ruminate on the year ahead while you sieve the flour, ponder your goals while you mix the butter, and rejoice at the sheer beauty of life when your oven produces that dizzying cake scent.

At Jenius Social, we’re here to help. Over the past few months, we’ve had loads of people ask us if we do classes that cover cake-making and cake decorating - and we’re happy to announce we’ve added them to our roster. Now, you can put you winter to good use by signing up to one of our classes and turning yourself from cocky amateur into a cake-baking superstar!

First up, there’s Classic Cake-Making, where our chef will lead you through a hands-on class that show you to how make a classic sponge, butter icing, reveals the science behind cakes and finishes off with some cake decorating tips and tricks. You’ll make classics like Lemon Drizzle, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Carrot & Walnut Cake and will leave with a healthy slice of cake confidence.

Our second new class is Cake Decorating Basics, which will show you how to get to grips with different types of icing, how to frost cupcakes and bigger beasts, and how to master the art of piping using a variety of nozzles. One session here and you’ll start thinking you’re Mary Berry, mark our words.

Of course, we already have a flavour-packed line-up of classes that involve baking - including Classic French Desserts, Marvellous Macaroons, Pimp My Profiteroles, Perfect Patisserie and The Great London Bake Off. So whatever type of baking you’re into, we’ve got a class that covers it. Baking is the new rock n roll, so step up to the mixing bowl and showcase your skills today!

Learn more about our Classic Cake-Making course here.

Learn more about our Cake Decorating Basics here.

Learn more about all our Cookery Classes here.

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