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5 Reasons Why Cooking is Great for Team Building

Posted: 07 March 2017

You would think that cooking might be detrimental to team building as the temperature rises and yes there are knives involved. Also who hasn’t seen Gordon Ramsey in a kitchen and felt a little scared? But cooking is actually the ideal way to work together and you can learn a lot which can be transferred into the workplace.

1. Cooking is physically demanding so you can get out that frustration at your colleagues as you chop, dice, knead and prep the food.

2. Get a different perspective as you mix and match roles, let the boss be the prep cook and admin person the head chef for a change.

3. You have to work together as it’s hot and you’re up against the clock to prepare the meal in the time given. You really get to see how all parts come together and how all team members are equally as important.

4. Socialise and bond with team members you might not normally speak to. Perhaps you never talk to the finance person, here’s your chance to chat over what you’re learning, have some fun as you experiment and share a meal at the end, which brings us to the final reason....

5. You get to eat at the end. This is the perfect result for us, as who doesn’t feel happier when they have a full belly?!

Here at Jenius Social we offer bespoke team building activities. These include cooking classes for all abilities in a range of cuisines from Indian Street Food to Sushi, as well as a popular mystery box challenge which introduces some friendly but fierce competition to the experience. You can find out more here

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