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Destination cooking – a food trend that is here to stay

Posted: 07 March 2017

Food trends come in and go out quicker than you can say ‘superfood’. One year kale is in and the next it’s insects, it’s so hard to keep up these days. However, there are certain trends which are here for the long haul, and ‘Destination cooking’ is one that we are fully behind.

The hottest destinations change each year, but the ability to cook dishes from around the world is here to stay. Making unique and individual dishes from around the globe or simply adding flavours to create your own fusion dishes is a great way to bring cooking and tastes from abroad home.

Three of the top predicted travel destinations for 2018 are Chile, India and Spain, and each country offers foodies a multitude of flavours and ingredients.


Chile has taken over the South American scene from Brazil (which was at a high during the Olympics) and is known for its developed wine scene, as well as a fusion of ingredients such as quinoa, blue eggs or exotic fish sourced from its diverse terrain.


India is deemed the land of curry, and although mainly vegetarian the food styles and ways of cooking vary throughout the different regions on this subcontinent.


Spain is known for its tapas and abundance of fresh fish and produce, cured meats and cheeses. It has even been suggested that Spanish food could be the new ‘Italian’.

At Jenius Social we’re proud to offer a variety of street food classes including Indian and Mediterranean so you’ll get an authentic cooking experience of the cuisines from these ‘in’ destinations.

If you are embracing the staycation this holiday season (or are being forced to due to the £ being at an all time low!) and holidaying locally, now is certainly a good time to brush up on, or learn some new cuisines to enjoy the flavours from abroad.

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