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Eight Hen Party Games You’re Guaranteed to Love

Posted: 07 June 2017

As you probably already know, hen party games vary from the enjoyable to the downright embarrassing. The way we see it, what your own hen party needs is the perfect blend of both!

Exactly how nuts you decide to go with your own hen party activities is of course totally up to you. But if you’d like a few suggestions from us, well…we’ve got more than a few enjoyable hen do ideas up our sleeves!

1. Spice Boys Photo Challenge

This one seems easy, but isn’t. What you need to do is challenge someone to go around wherever you are and take a selfie with five different blokes – one ginger, one sporty, one posh…you get the idea!

2. Pretty Boy Photo Challenge

Also keeping with the same theme, how about challenging one of the girls to find a guy who’ll let her give him a 60-second makeover? Epic pics guaranteed!

3. Toilet Paper Bridalwear

Split into two teams and give yourselves five or ten minutes to come up with the best possible wedding dress…using nothing but toilet paper, pins and sticky tape. One word of advice – stay away from cigarettes and naked flames in the process!

4. Blind Taste Competition

One of our favourite hen party games at home, take turns to be blindfolded and fed four small pieces of four random things from the kitchen. The winner being the girl who gets the most correct answers. This is a serious test of trust among the lot of you – try it and you’ll see how scary it can be!

5. Hen Night Bingo

Before setting out, make a bunch of business cards filled with various challenges to complete – ideally the same for everyone. Whoever’s first to get a full-house gets a prize…something like free drinks for an hour, paid for by everyone else!

6. The Yes/No Game

The oldest but still one of the best – from the moment you say ‘go’, nobody can use the words ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for five minutes…or however long you decide. Every time someone slips up, it’s time for a forfeit – usually in the form of another shot.

7. Hands-Free Eating

Even if eating contests aren’t usually your thing, try challenging yourself to eat something simple with your hands behind your back. Even a small stack of crisps, cream or crackers never fails to get things good and messy!

8. The Hubby Test

Last up, in the run up to the hen party, get in touch with the husband to be and ask him a bunch of personal questions. Write them down, ask the same questions to the bride on her hen night and dole out the forfeits for every one she gets wrong. Trust us…there’ll be a lot of them!

Here at Jenius Social, we’re proud to offer a range of fantastic activities and venue hire services for every type of hen party. Whether planning something discreet or quite the opposite, we can help make sure the whole thing goes off with a bang! Cooking classes and culinary experiences are our speciality, but you’d be surprised how creative we can be when we put our minds to it!

Get in touch for more information on how to make your next hen party one to remember…for all the right reasons!

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