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Food & Eating Trends 2018

Posted: 30 October 2017

Been wondering what kinds of up-and-coming food trends we’ll all be getting a taste of soon enough? Of course you have! And that’s precisely why we’ve been peering into our crystal ball for a glimpse of what’s to come!

You can say what you like about food trends, but they always have and always will shape the way we approach cooking and eating. So just to get you up to speed, here’s a quick rundown of what’s on the cards next year:

1) Healthy Eating

Less a trend, more a movement that’s gaining traction like never before. Healthy eating, vegan eating and better dietary balance in general are becoming everyday priorities for millions. Better yet, people seem to finally be accepting the fact that meat-free living doesn’t have to mean cutting corners on creativity or flavour. Which goes some way to explain why Quorn sales and consumption are at an all-time high right now!

2) Peculiar Food & Drink Pairings

Don’t panic – the classic combo of wine and cheese isn’t going anywhere! It’s just that over the next year or so, you can expect to see an explosion in the more ‘peculiar pairings’ you might not have experienced before. For example, the combination of gin and oysters may sound unusual, but give it a try and you’ll see. And how about sherry and fries? Just the tip of the weird and wonderful iceberg to come in 2018!

3) Breakfast Time Anytime

The ‘breakfast anytime’ food movement has been growing in popularity for years. Particularly when incorporating the simply superb concept of the all-day brunch. Half the fun with the breakfast anytime concept is in the experimentation. Breakfast burritos, pizzas, burgers – just endless avenues to explore for a more modern take on the classics. After all, who says you can only eat the most important meal of the day straight after you get out of bed?

4) Alcohol-Free

Last up, we’re gradually entering an era where alcoholic drinks aren’t considered a ‘must’ to accompany a meal. So-called mocktails in particular are becoming a big deal – creative and totally delicious cocktails, after which you’re still perfectly fine to drive home legally! That said, for those who do continue to choose alcoholic drinks, you can rest assured that the craft beer revolution has really only just begun hitting its stride. Meaning that if you haven’t already done so, this is one hipster movement you might as well get on board with right now…it’s here to stay!

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