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Q & A with Our Head Chef - Fern Lough

Posted: 25 July 2018

Jenius Social's head chef studied at the University of West London where she received her BSC in Culinary Arts Management. Now she’s ready to share her passion and knowledge with you. We put some questions to her…

1. What is your first food memory?

When I was 8 and I went on my first holiday to Italy and tried fresh seafood pasta for the first time much to my family’s bewilderment! I still talk about those delicious mussels and prawns to this day!

2. What were your first cookery skills?

I started trying to cook at home and I set fire to a pan of baked beans! Needless to say, my culinary career didn’t start off on a high! After that I went to my local college and learnt some much needed cookery skills and loved every second of it!

3. What are you favourite ingredients?

My favourite ingredients would have to be courgettes as I love using them in all different kinds if dishes ad cuisines, and cheese! What kind of world would we be in without cheese!

4. Do you use recipes or improvise?

Both. Once I’m familiar with a recipe or technique and then I go rogue!

5. What do you think if the most underrated dish??

Padron peppers with salt and olive oil, I could eat these all day long.

6. Which is your most indispensable kitchen gadget?

A good knife set, is the most crucial tool for anyone wanting to cook. You can’t chop a broccoli with a spoon.

7. Tell us about a top cookery tip?

Get all your prep or done first, its much easier in the long run for when your cooking and getting your timings right.

8. Do you eat at home or eat out?

I’m always eating out, I’m never really at home so it’s always meals out with friends or snaffling a cheeky sandwich at work!

9. What’s Britain’s best kept food secret?

Britain is getting really good with their artisanal products. Fresh cheeses and London cured meats and well as delicious sparkling wine!

10. What are the key ingredients for a successful cooking class?

A good welcoming atmosphere, making sure our guest knows they are in safe hands, upbeat music to get fun vibe going a glass of wine or two never hurts either!

11. What do students enjoy most about learning to cook?

How confidence in the kitchen a good preparation makes a world of difference when cooking their meals. Also, the minced garlic trick never fails to impress.

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