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How Can Londoners Contribute to Urban Farming?

Posted: 14 September 2018

Urban food and farming are all about sustainability - finding creative, innovative means to produce, purchase and enjoy food from the immediate locality. London is already blessed with incredibly vibrant and active urban farming culture. But for the urban food movement to reach its full potential, more people need to get involved and play their part!

Which begs the question – what can Londoners do to contribute to the cause? How can you help the city’s urban farming movement become all it can be?

The answer…well, there are four campaigns and projects that immediately spring to mind – all of which are dependent on public support:

1) Capital Growth

First up, Capital Growth is London’s leading community of growers, with a collective interest in urban farming and sustainability. The group organises and hosts regular workshops, meetings and other events, along with monthly newsletters and exclusive special offers for members. The next big event on the calendar being the Urban Harvest, set to take place across London on Saturday September 29.

2) Urban Food Fortnight

How about spending a full fortnight celebrating the incredible food and produce that’s right there on your doorstep? Run by London Food Link, Urban Food Fortnight is the city’s biggest annual celebration dedicated to all-things sustainable and local. Not to mention, the perfect opportunity to both get involved and dive into decadent delicacies every day the event runs! 

3) Sustainable Food

There are so many things we can all do to push, promote and make sustainable agriculture for future generations. And it all begins with getting involved with one of London’s most prominent organisations. Helpful tips, special events, charity drives and so on, Sustain has an open-door policy for anyone looking to make a genuinely positive impact.

4) The Big Dig

Last but not least, The Big Dig is an annual event that takes place across the UK every spring. Meet like-minded people, learn about food and get your hands dirty for a variety of worthy causes. If you’d rather get stuck into something practical and see the difference you’re making first-hand, The Big Dig could be right up your street!


Photo credits: Mark Stevens - Ali Allen Photographer

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