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The Best Experience-Day Christmas Presents and Gift Vouchers for 2018

Posted: 05 November 2018

Who says experiences are better than traditional gifts? Science does!

To put an end to the debate once and for all, researchers from the University of Toronto studied the joy (or otherwise) we get from the gifts we receive. The conclusion was relatively simple – we take more from the gifts we ‘live’ or ‘experience’ than the tokens we simply take possession of.

Why is this the case? For three key reasons, which are:

1.    Future experiences give us something to look forward to

2.    Experiences bring social connection into the equation

3.    We forget gifts, but we hold onto memories for life

So with Christmas 2018 just around the corner, why not make the switch to a meaningful and memorable experience gifts? Instead of reaching for the usual seasonal staples, focus your attention on something they’ll never forget…literally!

For those in need of a little inspiration, here’s a brief rundown of some of our own favourite experience-day Christmas present ideas for that special someone in your life:

For Art Lovers

Alternative London Street Art Tour & Graffiti Workshop

Anyone with an interest in street art will get a real kick out of this guided tour of East London. Not to mention, the amazing graffiti skills workshop that follows back at Alternative London’s headquarters.

V&A Drawing Workshop

Or for something a little more sophisticated, what better place to study the art of drawing than the renowned interiors of the Victoria and Albert Museum? Pick up the practical skills you need to take your art to the next level, under the watch of the capital’s most prominent professionals.

Food Lovers

Gift Vouchers for Cooking Classes and Culinary Experiences

For the foodie in your life, there’s only one gift you’ll need this Christmas. Jenius Social’s gift vouchers are perfect for any occasion, opening the door to our exclusive cooking classes and culinary experiences. Dine on decadent delights and take home essential cooking skills for life! 

Travel Lovers

Belmond British Pullman Murder Mystery Lunch Trip for Two from London

The all-round ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ experience, with none of the associated unpleasantness. This is the ultimate murder mystery trip for travel lovers and a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll never forget.

Cottages, Villas and Unusual Retreats

Rather than the usual boring weekends away, be sure to check out the weird and wonderful retreats over at CoolStays. Swap the hotel for a lighthouse, a boat or even a converted buss – inspiring accommodation in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Adventure Lovers

24 Hour Adult Survival Course with Bear Grylls Survival Academy

We all know someone who reckons they’d easily survive a week or two stranded in the wilderness. Why not put them to the test?  The Bear Grylls Survival Academy guides guests through the reality of spending just 24 hours in the wild, introducing essential survival skills like prey stalking and shelter building.

Zip World Titan Experience for Two

Last but not least, one of the world’s biggest and most terrifying zip wires is just a short train ride away in Wales. Measuring in at 2km in length, it’s the perfect experience for anyone with a taste for the more white-knuckle adventures out there!

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