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Key Qualities for the Perfect Meeting Space

Posted: 25 January 2019

Finding the perfect corporate event venue in a city as big as London can be tricky. The qualities of any given meeting space in London can and will have a marked impact on the success of the event as a whole.

The question being – what kinds of qualities should you be on the lookout for?

Of course, the answer will vary in accordance with the size and nature of the meeting taking place. Across the board however, there are certain hallmarks of the ideal corporate venue to keep in mind.

Space and Comfort

For example, you need to think carefully about the spaciousness of the room and the comfort of those set to attend. Successful meeting room hire means ensuring every delegate is comfortable, rather than simply cramming as many people as possible into a tiny and uninspiring space.


The very best meeting spaces in London are those that are flexible and accommodating. This applies to things like layout, equipment, technology, catering and any other tools you’ll need for a successful meeting. Not to mention, corporate venue hire services to suit all budgets.

Catering and Refreshments

Hungry and thirsty delegates are never happy delegates. Whether it’s organising light refreshments or providing full-service catering for the evening, adequate provision of refreshments is a must. Ask your chosen service provider what they can offer, prior to booking their meeting space.


You need to consider how easy (or otherwise) it will be for the delegates you invite to make it to the venue. Ideally, the meeting space should provide easy access by way of public transportation. It’s also essential to choose a venue that’s easy to access for delegates with mobility issues. Here at Jenius Social, our meeting rooms are positioned within easy reach of three London Underground stations.


Comfortable lighting is a must for any successful meeting, creating an energising and motivating environment for the event. Dark and dismal meeting rooms do little to inspire delegates, just as overly-bright rooms can make it difficult to maintain focus.


Not all meeting rooms provide the level of privacy required for a successful meeting. In some hotels and purpose-built facilities, there may be any number of events and general activities taking place at the same time. All of which can result in the kind of distraction you and your delegates could do without. It’s therefore worth considering whether or not privacy and a complete lack of distractions can be guaranteed.

Customer Recommendations

One of the best ways of gauging the quality of a meeting space is to check out the reviews and recommendations of past customers. If unavailable online, you can always ask the provider for references. Case studies of brands and businesses that have used their facilities in the past can also be helpful when deciding on a meeting space.

Visits and Tours

Last but not least, there should always be the option of arranging a guided tour of the meeting space, prior to making a booking. Along with providing the opportunity to see exactly what’s on offer, these open invitations are a sign of confidence and transparency on the part of the provider.

Need a quality meeting room in London? Contact the team at Jenius Social today, or pay us a visit anytime for a tour of our facility. 

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