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Top 5 Unusual Team Building Activities

Posted: 20 February 2019

A good team building event really can bring all contributors to a business closer together. Something that ultimately benefits the entire organisation. So, when the time comes to book your next team building event, perhaps give thought to one of the following alternative activities:

1. Cooking Classes

First up, our own team building cooking classes have teamwork and good times written all over them. Our most popular team building cooking class is our iconic Mystery Box Cookery Challenge, where each team is tasked with creating a delicious dish from a box of random ingredients. We also recommend checking out our bespoke cookery classes, which cover everything from Mexican streetfood to sushi.

2. Survival Experience 

The ultimate survivor himself - Bear Grylls - lent both his name and his knowledge to this unforgettable team building experience. Discover what true teamwork and leadership mean when it matters most, learning how to survive in even the most inhospitable environments. Each extraordinary survival experience can be customised from top to bottom, to suit both the preferences and capabilities of your group.

3. Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

The objective here is relatively simple - you just need to survive 60 minutes…without being eaten!  The ultimate escape room experience, you’ll spend a nail-biting hour trapped in a room with a zombie on a chain. The problem being that after every few minutes, the zombie’s chain gets a little longer and puts you and your group in harm’s way. Locate the clues and solve the rules, or be doomed to an eternity as a member of the living undead…sort of!

4. Panto Production

If you’ve ever dreamed of starring on stage in a famous panto, this is the event for you. If not, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover what it’s really like to ‘tread the boards’ as a live performer. A good sense of humour is mandatory, as you’re provided with all the props, costumes and direction you’ll need to put on the performance of a lifetime. Each team’s final performance will be evaluated by a panel of judges, who will provide that feedback and announce the winner.

5. Treasure Hunt

Last but not least, the folks over at the Team Challenge Company offer a unique Interactive Treasure Hunt experience like no other. Physically and mentally challenging in equal measures, both dedicated teamwork and decisive leadership are needed to achieve your objectives. Choose from a variety of venues, cities or sites, grab your maps and set about solving those elusive riddles. An energising and incredibly motivating team building activity for teams of all shapes and sizes.

For more information on our team building cookery classes or any of our events and activities please contact the team at Jenius Social today.

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