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How to Plan a Successful Consumer Testing Workshop

Posted: 04 March 2019

An effective consumer testing workshop can play a key role in the successful development and launch of almost any product. Here at Jenius Social, our cutting-edge market research facility in London has been used by dozens of major British and international brands.

But what does it take to plan and implement a truly successful consumer product testing project? How can you ensure that your next food product testing initiative produces the essential insights and data you need to move on to the next important step?

Stage 1: Choose the perfect venue

Ideally, the venue you select should come complete with all the equipment and facilities you’ll need to successfully run the workshop. It’s also sensible to choose a venue with sufficient experience and expertise in hosting consumer testing events.  The venue should be easily accessible by public transport, in a central location with sufficient disabled access.

Stage 2: Choose the right time 

Consider the ideal time and day to host the event, which will be determined by your target audience. For example, if you intend to invite 20 participants who have children to the event, a daytime workshop while their kids are at school could be ideal. If planning to invite young professionals, evenings or weekends could be more appropriate. Ensure that the workshop is as convenient as possible for your target audience to attend.

Stage 3: Over invite the number of consumers

For each session, it is highly recommended that you over invite the number of consumers- in case of no shows. The spare consumers are sent away fully paid for turning up.

Stage 4: Provide clear instructions ahead of time

Last but not least, it’s up to you to ensure that the participants know exactly what’s expected of them prior to their arrival. For example, there may be certain foods or drinks you’d prefer your guests to avoid in the hours running up to the event, in order to preserve their tastebuds. If you need them to arrive reasonably hungry, well hydrated, without a trace of alcohol in their system and so on, it’s up to you to let them know. You also need to specify exactly when the event will start and finish, avoiding lateness and workshops that overrun at all costs.

For more information about our consumer product testing venue or to discuss our services in more detail, contact a member of the team at Jenius Social today.

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