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Top Christmas Presents for Foodies

Posted: 24 October 2019

These days, Christmas gift ideas for foodies aren’t exactly thin on the ground. If anything, you’re likely to find yourself spoilt for choice. But at the same time, not all gifts and gift experiences communicate the same thought, sentiment and genuine meaning.

So if looking to delight the lucky foodie in your life this Christmas, we’d highly recommend checking out any of the following:

1) Our Gift Voucher

First up, instead of the usual Christmas gift vouchers to be spent on products, why not a voucher that guarantees an unforgettable experience? Here at Jenius Social, we have a range of gift vouchers available that can be redeemed against any of our cookery courses and foodie experiences across the board. Alternatively, you can check our calendar of brilliant cookery classes lead by professional chefs and book something tasty for your loved ones. And given that you’ll probably want to share the experience with the recipient, it’s win-win!

2) Personalised Cookbook

For those who prefer to cook up a storm a home, why not check out these amazing personalised cookbooks? Rather than simply picking up a generic book from a standard store, a personalised cookbook sends a far stronger message. Recipes tailored to the preferences of the recipient, the theme of your choosing, your choice of cover image and whatever title you can think of. A great way of taking a classic Christmas gift idea to the next level, with a dash of personalisation and creativity!

3) Hamper

Christmas hampers always make for incredible gift ideas. But at the same time, there’s a big difference between simply picking up a ready-made hamper from the shop of your choosing and actually taking the time to create a custom hamper of your very own. Suffice to say, one of these communicates significantly more meaning and sentiment than the other. That is, assuming you get it right! Think about all the various bits and pieces the recipient loves most and assemble the kind of hamper that will have them in festive foodie heaven from the moment they open it!

4) Chocolate Lover’s Gift Box

Last but not least, do away with the generic selection boxes and sweets this year, swapping them out for the most decadent chocolate lover’s gift box. Exquisite, handmade chocolates crafted by an independent artisan manufacturer at the heart of Dorset. Choose from an extensive range of products, or throw a little personalisation into the mix for added appeal. Whichever way you go, this really is a chocoholic’s wildest dream come true!

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