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Team Building Activities- Ideas And Inspiration

Posted: 29 July 2020

If you’re struggling for team building ideas that are fun and keep your team safe and entertained, you’re in luck – we’ve got more than enough fantastic ideas to get you started!

Here are a few team-building activities to keep your company culture uplifted and energised during these challenging times:

1.   A Virtual Pub Quiz

Easy to organise and the perfect excuse for a pint, a virtual pub quiz is always enjoyable. You simply get the whole gang to meet online at an agreed time, have the quizmaster throw out a bunch of questions and ask those taking part to email their answer over. Prizes and bragging rights for the winner, another weeks of well-deserved ribbing for the losers. As an added bonus, it’s also 100% free – aside from whatever prizes you decide to include.

2.   A Virtual Cooking Experience

We’ve just recently introduced our first virtual online cooking experience – all the fun of our conventional cooking classes, from the remote location of your choosing. We send a box of ingredients to your address, after which those taking part enjoy a cuisine-based cookery class or a high-energy cooking challenge, hosted over Zoom by our pro chefs. See here for more information.

3.   Anything Outdoors

If planning on meeting together for a spot of fun outside the office, outdoor activities are considered safer than indoor activities. Think tennis, badminton, mini-golf or even go-karting – all of which ensure nice safe distances between those taking part. You could even consider organising an outdoor movie night – all you need is a projector, a screen, a bunch of chairs and a popcorn maker!

4.   Virtual Cocktail Evening

Last up, a virtual cocktail evening represents a much safer option than having everyone meet down the pub for a few after-work drinks. Provide your team members with a couple of simple cocktail and mocktail recipes, which they’ll then prepare and enjoy together at a predetermined time via video chat. A simple yet effective idea, which can promote social interaction and conversation between those who may not otherwise get the chance to chat informally.

If you’d like to learn more about our new virtual cooking experience or would like to discuss a bespoke online team-building experience, contact a member of the team at Jenius Social today. 

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