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The Bake Off Challenge could be the perfect recipe for your next team building event!

Posted: 08 September 2021

Taking inspiration from the nation's favourite competitive baking programme (which is back on your screens with your favour celebrities!) We are excited to introduce our newest team building experience - The Bake Off Challenge!

Baking has a wide appeal across genders and generations and has enjoyed a rise in popularity in recent years. As a study by Waitrose discovered, over 19% of the population are now baking at least once a week. So what better way to capture the attention of your team than to transform them into Mary Berry for the day?!

With the Bake Off Challenge, guests will work in teams to bake 3 bakes per team from a set of mysterious ingredients – we provide all of the ingredients pre-weighed, but we give no instructions, so guests have to try and figure out the correct method and see if they can create something edible to eat at the end of it!

From brownies to cupcakes, we like to keep the final bakes a surprise! Teams get 2 hours to complete their showstoppers which are then judged by our chefs, the winning team wins a trophy and ultimate bragging rights!

There is also time to sit down and enjoy tea & coffee and the baked goods at the end of the session!

If baking isn’t your thing then don’t worry we have lots of other cooking challenges for you and your team to try! Including our favourite The Mystery Box challenge – which is our version of Ready, Steady, Cook. Each team has to make an entrée and a main dish from a mystery box of ingredients in 1 hour and without any recipes! This is a really fun activity and by far, our most popular team building experience!

To find out more about our corporate cookery team-building experiences, contact a member of the Jenius Social team today.

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