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Food For Celebrations!

Posted: 03 October 2014

It’s October and we’re excited because from here on in, this time of year spells parties and celebrations all the way to January 1st. Don’t believe us? Think Halloween, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving, Winter Solstice and Christmas. Here at Jenius Social, we’re celebrating them all, so be sure to book your party and get in on the action! Here’s our guide to what you should be eating over the next few months…

Halloween - October 31st

Autumn provides the first excuse to dress up and drink punch, which makes it positively our favourite time of year! At Halloween, food-musts include sausages dripping in ketchup blood, pumpkin soup, Halloween pumpkin cake and all manner of deliciousness made to look a bit freaky. But like we say, so long as there’s a never-ending supply of Dracula’s Blood punch, you can’t go far wrong.

Bonfire Night - November 5th

In celebration of Guy Fawkes not blowing up the Houses of Parliament, five days after Halloween it’s time to light those bonfires and get the marshmallows toasting. Must-haves on Bonfire Night include toffee apples, bonfire toffee, mulled wine and cider. Also favoured are massive pots of chilli with hunks of bread to mop it up, along with sausages in buns topped with caramelised onions. Then stand back with a full stomach and watch the fireworks explode.

Thanksgiving - November 27th

The first sighting of turkey means it must be nearing the end of November and time to bake another pumpkin pie. Stalwarts of the American festival include said turkey and stuffing with lashings of gravy. Your table should also be laden with mashed potato and sweet potato, along with veges including corn, turnip, greens and squash. And for dessert, only a pie will do - pumpkin, pecan or apple, the choice is yours.

Winter Solstice - December 21st

To embrace the winter solstice message, your food should reflect getting back to nature. Scatter your table with chestnuts, walnuts and oranges, then serve up a feast of roasted meats and home-made pies - or opt for a hearty chicken or beef stew. Sides of roasted root vegetables with crusty bread and bonfire-cooked jacket potatoes finish things off. To drink, opt for schnapps, whisky or mulled wine to ensure nobody is cold!

Christmas - December 25th

The ultimate Christmas dinner is something people spend their lives perfecting. If you’re a stickler for tradition, your table needs to be groaning under the weight of turkey, stuffing, gravy, roasties, brussel sprouts, roast root veg, bread sauce, cranberry sauce, red cabbage and pigs in blankets. Wash it all down with Champagne and red wine, then follow it up with a brandy-flamed Christmas pudding, Christmas cake or mince pies. Then fall into a deep, deep sleep till we start all over again next year.

If you want to make some impressively scary dishes this Halloween, sign up to our Happy Halloween cookery class on October 30th or 31st.

You can also hire Jenius Social for a unique Christmas event - choose a festive three-course set menu from just £30 a head, including a 30-min cookery class where you get to make your own mince pies. Suitable for private or corporate hire - book now before it’s too late!


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