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Top Unusual Gifts for Valentine's Day

Posted: 05 February 2018

Once again, we’re counting down to that glorious week of the year where millions of romantic types search for a present for their loved ones.

This year therefore why not take a leaf from the book of Jenius Social and get a little more creative? And as the kinds and caring souls that we are, we’d like to offer the following top-five suggestions for anyone looking to make this Valentine’s Day a day to remember…for the right reasons:

1) Cooking Classes or Gift Voucher

The way we see it, there are two reasons why our own cookery classes and gift vouchers represent the perfect Valentine’s Day treats. Firstly, they guarantee not only an incredibly enjoyable experience and the opportunity to pick up new skills and talents for life. Secondly, you get to enjoy yourself as a bonus! A thoughtful gift that pays off in more ways than one – what more could you ask for?

2) English Sparkling Wines Tour

Get to know the English sparkling wines scene a little better with this enchanting tour. Along with a visit to a vineyard and a traditional gin distillery, the tour also includes a glorious lunch made with the freshest produce from the hills of Surrey. A fabulous experience to enjoy during the slightly more pleasant months of the year.

3) The Spicery 

Anyone looking for the perfect gift to offer fans of all-things spicy should definitely head over to The Spicery. These guys specialise in pretty much everything to do with spicy, fragrant and exotic foods and ingredients from all over the world. From gift packs including everything needed for the preparation of incredible meals to on-going subscriptions to fabulous spice collections, there’s no better way of encouraging chili-heads to get as creative as possible in the kitchen.

4) Personalised Chopping Board

Just in case you wondered, these aren’t the usual personalised chopping boards that simply feature a message burnt into the wood. Instead, these are the most luxurious and gorgeous personalised cutting boards we’ve come across to date, designed and manufactured by Kim Strassner and Mike Pararas. Tasteful, functional and meaningful to say the least, these are the kinds of boards that make the perfect keepsakes for just about any occasion.

5) Chocolate Making Kit

Last but not least, why not give the chocoholic in your life the opportunity to find out exactly how the sweet stuff is made? This fantastic chocolate making starter kit comes with all the ingredients, tools and instructions necessary to cook up a high-quality batch of decadent raw chocolate at home. The perfect combination of indulgence and education – the perfect recipe for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day!

For more information on any of our cookery classes or gift vouchers, get in touch with the Jenius Social customer service team today.

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