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Jenius Social Cookie Policy

A cookie is a small file which our website puts on your computer or mobile device when you first visit our site or page. This helps us to analyse the traffic and to recognize your device the next time you visit. We also do this in order to personalize your pages the next time you visit.

Jenius Social uses cookies to allow us to provide you with a better website as it allows us to monitor which pages you use and which pages you find useful. It doesn’t give us any access to your computer or information about you other than the pages you visit on Jenius Social.

You have a choice of accepting or declining cookies except for cookies that are essential for this website to function. You can set your browser to decline cookies as most web browsers automatically accept cookies. If you choose to decline the cookies, you may not use the full functions of this website.

Please visit to get more detailed information on how to accept or decline cookies on all common browsers.

We use Google analytics cookies, session cookies and basket cookies on our website.

Google analytic cookies- For more information on these cookies please see the Google Analytics Overview

Session cookies- We use these cookies to link your actions on this website to our data system to remember which pages you visited while browsing. These cookies expire once the browser is closed and the information is not stored permanently.

Shopping basket cookies- We use these cookies to encrypted data in order to identify the users shopping basket.

You can always decline the use of cookies on our website but it could mean you will not be able to access all the functionalities on our website.