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Gourmet Ready Meals

Our range of gourmet ready-meals allows you to plan your week and always have lunch or dinner to hand. They reheat in minutes, keep in the fridge for three days, or freeze to enjoy later.

We've spent the last six years teaching people to cook at our cookery school. We can't do that now, so our chefs are cooking for you instead.

All our ingredients are locally sourced and our packaging is sustainable. What’s more, for every 1 in 10 gourmet ready meals ready sold, we'll be donating to feed the vulnerable.

A little more information...
* You can also include wines as part of your order.
* We’ll deliver to your door on every Thursday from 4pm onwards- just in time for your dinner! We'll leave the meals in a insulated box if you aren't home.
* We deliver within a 3 miles radius of our venue. Please check the delivery radius here.
* Free delivery is included for orders over £30. Otherwise, the delivery fee is £5.99.
* Free Pickup (contactless) is also available from our venue from 4pm to 7pm, on Thursdays

Put your feet up and order from us now!