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Wild West BBQ

Flavour-drenched US BBQ is all the rage right now - but you don’t need to go to America to sample it. Sign up for this BBQ cooking class and you’ll learn the secrets of fantastic flavours and ultimate BBQ techniques - it’s our love letter to meat.

Using only authentic recipes, this BBQ course takes you on an American road trip, providing a step-by-step guide to creating and blending flavours that will wow your guests. You’ll learn how to create meat rubs and marinades, sharpen your knife skills and make a killer BBQ sauce to make your meat sing. Think pulled pork, ribs, buffalo wings and slaw.

Hands-on and chef-led, you’ll walk away with superb new skills that are sure to make your barbecue the one that everyone wants to come to. What’s more, you get to devour everything you cook on the course!

Wild West BBQ Pictures

Duration: 2.00 hrs

  • Skills
  • Blending Of Spices
  • Dry Rub For Meat
  • Marinating Meat
  • Knife Skills
  • Meat Cooking (using thermometer)
  • Making Of Sauces
  • Dishes
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • Pulled Pork
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Homemade BBQ Sauce
  • Coleslaw

Book now for the following dates.

Date Price Quantity
Date: 17/08/2018 @ 18:30 Price: £80.00 Quantity:
Date: 09/09/2018 @ 18:00 Price: £80.00 Quantity:
Date: 22/09/2018 @ 14:00 Price: £80.00 Quantity:
Date: 28/09/2018 @ 18:30 Price: £80.00 Quantity:
Date: 05/10/2018 @ 18:30 Price: £80.00 Quantity:
Date: 14/10/2018 @ 16:00 Price: £80.00 Quantity:
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