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Watch to see an example of how we run our virtual cookery experiences!

Virtual Corporate Group 

Cooking Experience

We offer a great selection of in-person team building cooking classes. See our In-Person Corporate Cookery Experiences.

Nothing brings people together like an interactive online group cooking class, so what better way to bond than through cooking and eating with Jenius Social? With a little help from our chefs, your group will have a great time learning new cookery skills, showcasing their creativity and socialising over their edible masterpieces.

The most popular and engaging experience we offer is the Maestro Chef Challenge, where the competition is friendly and fierce! To start, we introduce the guests on Zoom with an ice breaker activity, followed by a cocktail masterclass. 

Then the challenge begins! Broken up into teams, groups collaborate alongside their teammates with their ingredient box and guess the contents of the mystery ingredient and their main dish. Then it’s on to the kitchen where everyone prepares their meal. 

Whether it’s a team building activity or client engagement social, our fun cooking challenges bring out the inner Masterchef in everyone! 

Our other interactive online cookery team building packages include 3 course cuisine-based classes including our popular Thai, Indian, Mexican, Japanese and Italian Pizzas making class.

We also offer In Person Group Cooking Experiences at our venue in London. 

For a bespoke proposal, please call us on 020 3750 2478 or Email Us

What we provide.

* A 2-hour hands on interactive online group cookery experience - includes 30 mins dining time.

*We can cater for large or small groups over Zoom. Perfect for team building or client entertainment

*Ingredient boxes delivered to each guest anywhere in the UK.

*An ice-breaker activity at the start of each class.

*A complimentary cocktail class. (Non-alcoholic cocktails available)

*Dessert included with every challenge.

Why we send out ingredients boxes.

We found that by providing guests with a complete ingredients box with pre-prepared and fully weighted out items provided the most stress -free and inclusive experience.

We have received feedback that virtual cookery experiences run by other providers that require the guests to source their ingredients often have complications, with not all guests being able to source ingredients. The cookery sessions often over run because guests have to do more ingredients preparation. This is why we decided to go the extra mile and send full ingredients boxes to our guests.

See our In Person Corporate Cooking Classes at our venue in London.

Who we have helped.

Our virtual cookery experiences have helped companies enhance relationships in the workplace, boost creativity and encourage teamwork. We have hosted over 400 group cookery sessions for a variety of corporations including: 

Jenius Social Clients

Reviews & Testimonials.

"After nearly a year of virtual-only meeting, who would've thought it was possible to have SO MUCH FUN via zoom. Thanks to Jenius Social, my team of thirty revelled in the enjoyment of cooking a three-course meal, with a cheeky cocktail accompaniment. The event was an overwhelming success and the whole team inundated the marketing leadership with thanks and praise for Jenius." 

-Katie, SAP

"I attended an online class in Thai cooking with my work colleagues and what i experienced was a truly lovely afternoon. The chef who taught us was friendly and his instructions were clear. The meal we cooked was lovely and speaking as a vegetarian, it was great to have the opportunity to cook a meal where the vegetarian version didn't feel like an afterthought." 

- Alison, Capacity Lab

jenius social reviews   jenius social reviews   jenius social reviews

For a bespoke proposal, please call us on 020 3750 2478 or Email Us

We also offer a wide selection of in-person team building cooking classes.