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Amazon's Christmas Experience - Gingerbread House Challenge

We were so excited to host an amazing group of 60 guests from Amazon for our Christmas Gingerbread Challenge! This festive event was a blast, filled with holiday cheer and creative baking.

On arrival, they enjoyed welcome drinks and soaked in the holiday spirit. Once settled, we started with a festive cocktail-making session which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Our chefs have prepared each baking station in advance filled with gingerbread dough and lots of fun colourful decorations for teams to adorn their gingerbread houses with. We gave each team time to discuss their designs – some opting for the more traditional gingerbread house route and some taking their creativity to a whole other level! They were given templates for their houses but some teams opted to go freestyle! They also made their own icing from scratch!

The teams had 90 minutes to bake their gingerbread pieces and pull together their showstoppers ready for judging! It’s always fun to see the concentration on people’s faces cutting out their intricate designs and trying to stick all their gingerbread pieces together (it’s harder than it looks!) and after a few mishaps, all of the teams were ready to present their creations for judging.

Each time had to do a sales pitch on what their gingerbread houses. The sales pitches are always the most fun part of the day and the Amazon team didn’t disappoint, from traditional houses, gingerbread people, some with roofs and some without…but ultimately team 9 with the Dog House was our chefs’ favourite and this team was crowned the gingerbread champions! They proudly took home the coveted Jenius Social trophy, basking in their baking glory.

If you're interested in joining us for a Christmas Cooking Experience, please get in touch with our friendly team to see how we can create a memorable experience for you!

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