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AND Digital Team Building Event - Street Food Challenge

And Digital Team Building Event

One of our most enjoyable evenings of the year so far, we recently welcomed 65 guests from AND Digital for a corporate cooking class. In search of an unusual and enjoyable team-building event, the AND Digital team was put through its paces with our iconic Street Food Challenge!

The evening began with an important gathering in our meeting room, which we set up in accordance with the requests of the client. After which, it was time for action – a delightfully competitive cooking class that demands teamwork and communication to get the job done!

Our High-Energy Street Food Challenge

The 65 guests from AND Digital were split into smaller teams and placed at cookery stations, each set up with everything needed to make one of the following street food classics:

·  Sushi - Japan

·  Spring Roll - China

·  Pasta - Italy

·  Green Curry – Thai

·  Eton Mess- British

After 30 minutes, the teams rotated to a different station, putting their culinary skills and teamwork to the test! A fantastic opportunity to develop new skills, discover new cuisines and have your culinary creations evaluated by professional chefs!

With a welcome prosecco reception, beer, wine and soft drinks to keep all 65 guests refreshed, a night to remember was enjoyed by the whole team!

Any Size, Any Time

Our spacious venue enables us to offer energising, entertaining and inspiring team building activities for even the largest groups (up to 100 guests). Motivate and challenge your team with an activity they can literally sink their teeth into! 

If you would like to join us for a team building cookery class please get in touch with one of our friendly team to see how we can help! 

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