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AstraZeneca Team Building Event- Mystery Bake Challenge

Astrazenica Team Building Event

We hosted an amazing group from AstraZeneca for a Mystery Bake Challenge! This group were so much fun, we had the best day in the kitchen baking with them!

Once everyone had arrived and enjoyed their welcome drinks, we split the group into teams and set them a quiz based on the famous baking TV show, to determine who would get the superior baking station. This experience is all about the competitive spirit and they did not disappoint – we knew from the get-go we would be in for a fun-filled day!

Teamwork and problem solving!

Chef Marieanne explained how the bakery experience works – at each station there was a selection of pre-weighed ingredients but no instructions on what to do with them or what they were supposed to create. There were a few Great British Bake Off fans in the group so they were not intimidated by the challenge!

We gave the group two hours to complete their mystery bakes and of course, Chef Marieanne was there to drop some hints and offer a helping hand where needed, by the end of the session we had some amazing bakes!

Practice your presentation skills!

Whilst the guests were enjoying their bakes with coffee and tea, each team was asked to do a sales pitch on what they have baked. The judging criteria were Taste, Presentation of the bakes, Team Work and of course, the Sales Pitch.


It was a close call but Team A’s outstanding sales pitch (& amazing cookies) meant they won the challenge by on point and managed to bask in all their baking glory and take home their very own Jenius Social trophy!


If you would like to join us for a team building cookery class please get in touch with one of our friendly team to see how we can help! 

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