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Liberis Corporate Cooking Class - The Mystery Box Challenge

Liberis Team Building Event

We hosted 40 guests from the lovely team at Liberis, who joined us for a full-day team building cooking event – The Mystery Box Challenge, which is our version of Ready, Steady, Cook!

The day began early with the Liberis team utilising our facilities for a full team meeting and a light lunch. We always provide the option for our clients to make use of our venue before their events.

We're all about the competitive spirit!

We began with a team quiz – mostly food-related questions but we do like to throw in a few surprise company ones to mix it up! The Liberis team passed with flying colours on these – luckily as the big boss was watching!

With the scores added up, the winners got first choice of the ingredients boxes. Each team followed in order of their score, choosing a box full of fresh vegetables and proteins. Everyone also had access to our fully-stocked pantry and dry store filled with things like spices, herbs, canned goods and pasta.

The ultimate team building experience!

Now it was time for the power hour – you could see the cogs ticking as the teams went to their kitchen stations trying to think of something delicious to cook. Chefs Dan and Marieanne went round to each group to discuss their ideas and offer a few tips of their own, then it was GO time - the noise, the heat and the completion ramped up!

An hour flew by with teams chopping, dicing, frying and roasting until finally, it was time to plate and present their dishes to their colleagues, we were very impressed with their creativity!

Confidence and communication are key!

Whilst everyone sat down to eat, we asked each team to nominate a representative to give a 60 seconds sales pitch on their dishes. This is where the fun and sales creativity began, followed by a lot of banter from the audience. This is probably our favourite part of the cookery challenge!

Our judges – chefs Dan and Marieanne got to work scoring the teams based on 4 criteria- Taste, Plating & Presentation, Team Work and of course the Sales Pitch! After much deliberation, Team 3 – the vegetarians were declared the winners!


Thank you to the wonderful team at Liberis we hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did!


A great experience at Jenius. We had a team meeting during the day and then did the mystery box challenge in the evening. Everything was well organised. The food and facilities were excellent. Jen and Dan made the evening challenge really fun!

If you would like to join us for a team building cookery class please get in touch with one of our friendly team to see how we can help! 

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