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International Company Tests Leading Mexican Food Brand

As we’re always up for a challenge, you can imagine our delight at being contacted with a request from one of the world’s largest food companies! Looking for the ideal place to test their new Mexican food products on the general public, the company organised and intensive an a consumer testing programme over the course of three days.

The tests carried out gauged the customers’ responses to not only the food itself, but also the packaging, labels and the look and feel of the food product. A development chef from the organisation was flown in to work alongside our own head chef in creating the dishes for the consumers.

When the final products were ready for the market, the same company came back to Jenius Social to brief its advertising and creative agency, sampling the products cooked by our chefs.

The Perfect Consumer Testing Location

Along with our state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, our location in London makes Jenius Social the perfect consumer testing location. For more information on any of our services or to discuss your requirements in more detail, reach out to a member of the Jenius Social support team today. 

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