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System 1 Corporate Cooking Class- Japanese Cuisine

System 1 Team Building Event Japanese Cookery Class

We love hosting team building experiences and watching everyone’s personalities come out as the day goes on, this was certainly the case with the team from System 1 who joined us for a Japanese masterclass!

Enjoy a complimentary cocktail making session!

As with all of our cuisine based classes we started with a cocktail making session. A Japanese inspired cocktail called a Yuzu Dream – this includes Yuzu puree which is quite an unusual ingredient so the team had great fun trying it for the first time! They also enjoyed a bit of showmanship with the cocktail shaker!

Once everyone was Yuzu-ed out it was time to get cooking! First on the menu was shiitake and peanut Gyoza with soy and rice vinegar dipping sauce, and Chef Keiko taught everyone how to perfect the crescent moon fold. 

Now for the hard part, or so we thought! Rolling sushi is all in the technique and wow did they pick it up quickly - System 1 were the Sushi superstars! Chef Keiko showed the group where to place the rice and fillings and how to roll using the bamboo mat and they were off – creating a mixture of smoked salmon and red capsicum maki rolls.

The competitive spirit always comes out!

Although the final dishes weren’t being officially judged by Chef Keiko, the team were keen to know which sushi impressed him the most – he remained quietly neutral – but it’s always fun to watch the competitive streak in people come out!

The team said their real highlight of the day was getting to sit down together after a busy morning in the kitchen and enjoying a beautiful Japanese spread! 

 “Jennifer who runs Jenius Social was such a pleasure to deal with, communication was so easy and she was extra helpful, going over and beyond for our team. I would highly recommend using this cookery company for your team building events. The team thoroughly enjoyed their experience and had a great time. Thank you to Jennifer!! Super Star :)

If you would like to join us for a team building cookery class please get in touch with one of our friendly team to see how we can help! 

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