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A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone!

Have you noticed that when your team members work together towards a shared goal, they seem more motivated and encourage one another to be more creative? Some healthy competition can inspire people to put in a bigger effort, dive into work harder, and be more productive – so not only will your employees benefit from a bit of healthy competition – you will too! Here are a few other reasons why we think encouraging team competition fosters a happy workplace.

●     A morale boost! Now that some of us are working from both the office and at home, a positive and interactive social event can give your team a little morale boost. A well-run team building event is designed to bring the team together and inject a bit of friendly competition.

●     Think outside the box! A competitive spirit amongst colleagues can help push people out of their comfort zones and get them thinking outside of the box. People tend to be more willing to try their hands at new tasks if there’s a chance they will win!

●     Spread a little happiness! Creativity in the form of play is proven to take one’s mind off of external stresses for a while. While some of us are more competitive than others, even the most introverted individual in the office can enjoy a good challenge from time to time. Happy employees are more productive, so keeping spirits up is a winning strategy -- office time doesn’t always have to mean work work work!

●     Enjoy the social side! Team building competitions also give you the chance to mix up your teams and engage people from different departments in a fun and relaxed environment. This will build bonds and new friendships amongst colleagues - in turn strengthening communication throughout your business.

Our Mystery Box, Bake Off and Maestro Chef Challenges are fun ways to create some light-hearted competition amongst your team. 

To find out more about our cookery experiences please contact a member of the team at Jenius Social.

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